ECO5vet on Sale
ECO5vet on Sale
ECO5vet on Sale
ECO5vet on Sale
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ECO5vet on Sale

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    Affordable & With Outstanding Functions!

    Eco5vet is beautifully designed. It is eco-friendly with outstanding functions. It has unique LED that help reduce eye fatigue and the keyboard is designed for easy and quick access. Offers various measurements, detailed reports and image archive system.

    Can use for multiple application in both small and large animals. Supports all types of high frequency probes. Some features of Eco5Vet are listed below.


    • Less radiation
    • Lower power consumption
    • Longer life: LED 


    •  Rotatable LED monitor(0~30°):tailer to different viewing angles
    •  Unique LED:reduce eye fatigue
    •  Keyboard design: for easy and quick access
    • One key to full screen imaging


    • Full digital beam-former
    • Color doppler technology
       Double frame rate technology
       Color priority 
       Color filter
    • Applications
       Abdomen, OB&GYN, Urology, Vascular, 
       Small Parts , Pediatrics, Cardiology.
    • Display modes: B, B/B, 4B, M, B/M, CFM, PW, Trapezoidal
    • i-Image™
    • THI (Tissue harmonic imaging)
    • SRA (Speckle reduction algorithm)
    • Compound imaging


    • Streamlined Workflow
    The multi-purpose user presets, comprehensive measurement & report system, built-in EasyView™ image archieve system, quick image storage / retreive / transfer, one-button direct print, makes the complete workflow better than what you can dream of.

    •  ONE KEY

    •  Support PC Printer (HP1102&M251n)





    MC5V-A 4.0MHz-7.0MHz Micro-Convex MC6-A 4.5MHz-8.0MHz Micro-Convex
    R7-A 5.0MHz-10.0MHz Transrectal V6-A 4.5MHz-8.0MHz Transvaginal
    MC3-A 2.5MHz-5.0MHz Micro-Convex L7S-A 5.3MHz-11.0MHz Linear 
    L7M-A 5.3MHz-10.0MHz Linear C3-A 2.5MHz-5.0MHz Convex

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews


      Chison eco 5

      Like new!

      Excellent Value

      I feel this unit gives a good image especially for the price. Is this unit going to beat out a $25K unit, not likely unless you got a bad deal. Are you going to be finding adrenals routinely with this unit, probably not. Want to ultrasound a liver, spleen, bladder - your good.
      I have owned a Mindray DP3300 (around 2007 model) and a GE P5 and a P6. The image quality compared to the Mindray is not even comparable, the Mindray sucks by comparison. Keep in mind that it is over 11 years old though but I did pay about $9k for it at that time. Compared to the P5 or P6 is a little more subjective, depends on what you are imaging etc. Yes the P5 and P6 do image better, the motion is a little smoother and the edges a little better contrast. Again these are about 8 year old machines by comparison but would cost $30-40K new + as I use 2 probes. Even used a P5 will cost 10K w/ an appropriate probe.

      I mainly got this to replace my Mindray at a satellite clinic and still allow me to do spleen, liver and bladder scans on an ER basis. This unit far exceeds those expectations and I feel comfortable doing a solid abdominal ultrasound with this device. I can not comment on Color Flow etc as not why I got the unit. So far only cons is t does take about 40 seconds to boot up and separating backups besides dicom.
      For service, I have talked to Stole multiple times in the past, very informative and patient not pushy. I was also allowed to go to their facility and test out a few machines prior to purchase, staff there was also helpful and friendly. As a note, I tested the Ebit 50 out and would highly recommend that unit for indivduals doing more advanced ultrasounds. I would rate the Ebit above my GE P6 on the limited sample of images I obtained with it.
      If your on a budget yet need good solid images, this is probably the best unit you are going to come by even close to this price. If you have more funds or wanting an upgrade look into the Ebit series.


      An excellent value with good inages

      Five star!

      just want to say, good machine. I have used it for 1 year and still like brand new, i want to buy 2 more so i came here again....