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ECO-14Vet High end Equine Ultrasound with Rectal Probe

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ECO-14Vet High end Equine Ultrasound with Rectal Probe 

Quality Laptop Ultrasound - Reliable.

Medium image quality above the basic Ultrasound but below high end ultrasounds.

Portable animal ultrasound machine has automatic recognition function and supports more than 6 kinds of probes, which can meet the diagnostic needs of comprehensive pet hospitals and animal experimental research users.

portable animal ultrasound machine is suitable for the examination of cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, dogs, cats and many kinds of poultry, experimental animals, wildlife and some aquatic animals.The scope of the MU15 portable animal ultrasound diagnostic instrument is mainly for the examination of the abdomen, superficial tissues, the reproductive system, the urinary system and other organs.


Portable laptop animal ultrasound machine

Stable and efficient Windows operating platform

Enabling of "soft switches

Rich clinical extensions such as real-time report editing

Open DICOM interface to connect with hospital system.

Realize real-time data sending and receiving

Equipped with Ultra ISO system recovery USB flash drive.

Full disk backup for important moments

Support more than 9 kinds of probe work

Endurance ≥ 3H

1. 15inch LED display 

2. Built-in rechargeable battery 

3. Rich clinical measurement software 

4. Stable operation platform 

5. Single probe connector,can work with probe extender 

6. Element:128 7. Report: Abdomen, OB, Cardiac, Urology 

8. Offer suitcase for

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