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Complete Kit 1.5/2.0/2.7/3.5/4.0mm On Sale
Complete Kit 1.5/2.0/2.7/3.5/4.0mm On Sale
Complete Kit 1.5/2.0/2.7/3.5/4.0mm On Sale
Complete Kit 1.5/2.0/2.7/3.5/4.0mm On Sale
Complete Kit 1.5/2.0/2.7/3.5/4.0mm On Sale
Complete Kit 1.5/2.0/2.7/3.5/4.0mm On Sale
Complete Kit 1.5/2.0/2.7/3.5/4.0mm On Sale
On Sale

Complete Kit 1.5/2.0/2.7/3.5/4.0mm On Sale

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    On Sale Now - Complete Kit for NEW low price!

    This is our most popular system!  It contains all necessary standard tools for orthopedic surgery.  It is packed with a full range of instruments and implants.  All instruments are high quality stainless steel.  All screws are self tapping-hex head.   This kit can ONLY be used for veterinary practice in the USA.  

    Has great customer reviews. "Good item for good price!" Buyer: sranxxlxxl; "Excellent kit. Well packaged for shipment. Very happy with product." Buyer: jasonmcleod0827

    The kit can be adjusted to meet customer's needs.  

    Instruments and implants included in this complete kit are listed below:

    1. Drill bit    1.1   2 Qty
    2. Drill bit    1.5   2 Qty
    3. Drill bit    2.0   2 Qty
    4. Drill bit    2.5   2 Qty
    5. Drill bit    3.2   2 Qty
    6. Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide - 1.1mm for 1.5mm Screws
    7. Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide - 1.5mm for 2.0mm Screws
    8. Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide - 2.0mm for 2.7mm Screws
    9. Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide - 2.5mm for 3.5mm Screws
    10. Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide - 3.2mm for 4.5mm Screws
    11. 2.5mm & 3.5mm Tap Sleeve
    12. 3.2mm & 4.0mm Tap Sleeve
    13. 2.0mm & 2.7mm Tap sleeve
    14. HA1.5 Tap
    15. HA2.0 Tap
    16. HA2.7 Tap
    17. HA3.5 Tap
    18. HB 4.0 Tap
    19. Depth Gauge
    20. Hex Head Screw Driver SW2.5
    21. Hex head Screwdriver  1.5mm
    22. Plate benders pair-modern design large
    23. Plate benders small
    24. Periosteal Elevator( Round Head)
    25. Broken screw exterioriser
    26. Counter sink large
    27. Counter sink small
    28. Periosteal Elevator (Flat Head)
    29. Reduction Forceps with point
    30. Reduction Forceps
    31. Self-centering forceps   2 Qty
    32. Case  aluminum      
    33. Screw rack-3.5/4.0mm     
    34. Screw rack-1.5/2.0/2.7     
    35. Bone plate 1.5mm   5 Qty
    36. Bone plate 2.0mm   6 Qty
    37. Bone plate 2.7mm   7 Qty
    38. Bone plate 3.5/4.0mm   10 Qty
    39. Cortical screws self-tapping  1.5mm   40 Qty
    40. Cortical screws self-tapping  2.0mm   50 Qty
    41. Cortical screws self-tapping  2.7mm   50 Qty
    42. Cortical screws self-tapping  3.5mm   48 Qty
    43. Cortical screws self-tapping  4.0mm-cancellous   32 Qty

      Only for Veterinary use in USA. 


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Ortho micro kit

      Good kit but disappointed that it is missing the screwdriver for the 2..7mm screws. Didn't realize this until I needed it in surgery. After calling them numerous times, I still can't get them to send me the 2.7mm screwdriver. The last phone call to them they told me the 2.0 screwdriver will fit it. No, no it doesn't. Will be sending it back for a refund since only 2/3 of it is useable.

      Animal Physician

      This products my need

      Wonderful product.

      With 3,000$ all ortho.instrument for upto 4.0mm plate is so great. I will review more when i practiced with them.


      Instrument System-Kit 3.5mm/4.0mm

      Excellent service and product

      I was very impressed with the Complete Orthopedic system. We have used it several times since receiving it and I am totally satisfied with both the product and the service. Thank you Keebovet!