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Chison ECO2--Keebomed
Chison ECO2--Keebomed
Chison ECO2--Keebomed
Chison ECO2--Keebomed
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Chison ECO 2

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Chison ECO2 is a powerful and affordable B&W ultrasound system:


  • Rotatable LED(0~30°):tailer to different viewing angles
    • Ultra-compact & Ultra-light
    • Easy to carry
    • Keyboard : For easy and quick access
    • Dedicated cart TR 9000 
    • Streamlined workflow


  • Advanced technologies:
    i-Image(Intelligent image optimization) 
    THI(Tissue Harmonic Image)
      SRA(Speckle Reduction Algorithm)
      Compound imaging
    • Full digital beam-former
    • Trapezoid 
    • Automatic PW trace
    • Chroma
    • Full screen display mode
    • AIO(Automatic image optimization)


  • The latest platform & more advanced chip-set:brings you better image quality and features at less cost in a more compact box  
    • Support PC printer, reduce investment & day to day paper cost
    • 8G memory card
    • 320G harddisk (option)
    • Vehicular Charging


  • Less radiation
    • Less power consumption
    • Longer usage life:LED 
    • Longer battery standby time:>2 hours




 Abdomen,OB/GYN,Vascular, Small parts(breast, testicles,  thyroid),Musculoskeletal Conventional & Superficial, Pediatric, Basic Cardiac

 Imaging  technologies

 i-Image, SRA, Compound, THI

 Display  Modes

 B, B/B, 4B, M, B/M,PW

 Gray Scale

 256 Levels

 Scanning  Depth

 240mm Max (depend on the probe types)

 Probe  Frequency

 2.5 MHz - 11.0 MHz (Depend on the probe)

 Cine Loop 

 256 frames


 4 steps

 Software  Packages

 Dedicated measurement package: General ,OB/GYN, URO,Cardiac, Vascular,  Small parts 

 Archives  Management

 Patient information management, images record, exam report

 Power Supply

 AC 100V-240V, 50Hz- 60Hz

 Standard  Configuration

 1 probe connector, 3 USB ports,VGA port,Video port, LAN port, 

 Full Screen Display Mode, i-Image,Chroma, SRA, Compound imaging,THI,

 8G memory card, PW Mode


 2 probe connectors, DICOM 3.0, Water-proof keyboard cover, Carrying Case (BG
 —100 ),Cart TR 9000, Support PC Printer, Video Printer, Built-in Battery