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Introduction & Advantages

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Introduction & Main Features

Spanish: Short Introduction

Spanish: Introduction & Advantages

Spanish: Introduction & Main Features

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Cow Pregnancy: 35 Days

Cattle in Heat

Various Stages of Cow Pregnancy

Images of Cow Fetus

Cow Pregnancy

Cow Fetus: 150 Days

Various Stages of Pregnancy

Dead Cow Fetus: 7 Months

Cow Pregnancy: 123 Days

Cow Fetus: 64 Days

Early Stages of Bovine Pregnancy

Multiple Pregnancy Exams

Cattle Fertility Exams

Cow Ovary Cysts

Bovine Pregnancy Exam

Cow Pregnancy: 38 Days

Bovine Ultrasound Exam

Cow Pregnancy: 120 Days

Bovine Pregnancy Exam Using Chroma Function

Cow in Heat For Insemination

Cow Pregnancy: 122 Days

Cow Pregnancy Exam

Cow Pregnancy: 58 Days

Cow Pregnancy: 98 Days

Cow Pregnancy: 71 Days

Dead Fetus in 7 Month Pregnant Cow

Cow Pregnancy: 85 Days

Cow Pregnancy: 67 Days

Cow Pregnancy: 96 Days

Cow Pregnancy: 25 Days

Cow Pregnancy: 57 Days

Cow Pregnancy Exam

Cow Pregnancy: 72 Days

Large Cysts on Non Pregnant Cow

Urocystitis & Endometritis in Cow Uterus

Dog Pregnancy: 38 Days