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Well-Suited For Clinical Settings!

Used as a demo model.

The Mindray DP-50 is high resolution black & white ultrasound. It is portable, ergonomic, and easy to operate. This compact and lightweight ultrasound have a 15-inch screen, tilt display allows easy viewing.

It’s small size and battery-operated design enables users to perform ultrasound exams at a variety of locations and settings. Some features of Mindray DP-50 ultrasound are listed below.

  • Compact and lightweight, 15-inch screen
  • iTouch - single button image optimization
  • iZoom - enables enlargement of the image without loss of resolution
  • Simple OB calculation package
  • Backlit control panel
  • High Sensitivity, wideband transducers
  • Multi-frequency, up to 4 imaging frequencies in each transducer
  • Wide Scan scanning angle for 2nd Trimester Imagine
  • Dynamic Beam Forming
  • I Beam Spatial Compounding Imaging
  • Clear Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • (THI) Tissue Specific Imaging on all probes
  • (TSI) Tissue Specific Imaging
  • Colorized Map to change grayscale to different colors
  • Adjustable FOV with extra-wide selections

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Brenda May
Good basic ultrasound

Very impressed with the quality. Bought "used" and ended up with what looks like a new machine. Not a mark on it. Much better machine than expected. Worth every penny spent.

Bob H
Product better than expected

Purchased a 6 months used ultrasound and wasn't expecting much other than it being functional. Surprised when received the ultrasound that it was nicely packaged, in a new looking case with the power supply and probe all neatly packed and the ultrasound itself also looked new without blemish. I wouldn't have been able to tell if it was sold as new. In terms of function, I haven't used it much beyond FAST scans which doesn't require in-depth use of its functionality but it served my purpose.

Shelley Clapp
Chison ECO2 Veterinary Portable Ultrasound & One Probe, Battery, Bag, Warranty

Came quickly, turns on, now to figure it out!

Ali Yılmaz
The company is fast and reliable.

want to write a lot, but I will write little and concisely.I have been working as a veterinarian for 15 years. I have never seen a company like keebo. thank you so much.

Johnny Gobble
Good machine, but I needed something more.

I needed an ultrasound for snakes, this machine works great but did not give the detail I needed for my snakes. Sent it back and upgraded. The company was very nice about the exchange.