Siui CTS 7700 Demo

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High quality and affordable!

The SIUI CTS-7700 ultrasound system is a lightweight machine best known for its versatility. It is packed with a number of features that include fully digital beam former, 3D imaging etc. It is good for Cardiac, Abdominal, OB-GYN, Portable, Peripheral vascular and small parts applications.

The portable Siui CTS-7700 is capable of performing remarkable scans that can be easily viewed on 10″ high resolution monitor. This SIUI unit comes with a variety of probes through which you can perform different ultrasounds.

Some features of Siui CTS-7700 are listed below.

  • High-resolution 10” B&W display
  • High frequency transducers up to 5
  • Selective range TGC gain sliders
  • Speckle reduction technology
  • Reproductive, tendon and cardiac software calculation packages
  • Scanning depth up to 252mm
  • Digital Technology with B, BB, B-M, 4B, M-Mode
  • Cineloop
  • Has Different presetting for different animal applications.
  • Storage : hard disk, U disk and DICOM 3.0