Siui CTS 5500 Used

High-end digital ultrasound!

The Siui CTS-5500 is a B&W full digital portable ultrasound that uses the best in ultrasound technology. Offers exceptional image for excellent diagnostic capabilities. Great for diagnosis of joint and tendon, pregnancy check, ovarian growth and many others.

Some features of Siui CTS 5500 are listed below.

  • 1 Convex or Linear Probe 
  • Fully-digital imaging 
  • 10" Screen
  • Internal image storage 
  • Software package 
  • External battery charger and car lighter adapter 
  • USB drive for transmitting images to computer 
  • UNIX upgradeable platform 
  • Fast processor
  • Tissue Characterization imaging
  • Backlit keyboard
  • High Definition Live Zoom
  • Two probe connectors

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