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Siui Apogee 1200 Omni Ultrasound Machine

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The SIUI Apogee 1200 Omni is a fully digital ultrasound that offers a very good image quality. Provide features like Intima Media Thickness (IMT), Tissue Harmonics, Spatial Compound Imaging and Continuous Wave Doppler. Also includes Stress Echo.

Some features of Siui Apogee 1200 Omni are listed below.

    • Imaging Technology
      • Spectrum Compound Imaging
      • Broadband Harmonic Imaging
      • Multi-beam Forming Technology
      • Adaptive Speckle Reduction Technology
      • Spatial Compound Imaging
      • Accurate Doppler Flow Imaging
    • 2D, M-Mode
    • Color/PW/CW/Power Doppler modes
    • Wireless image transmission to iPad or iPhone
    • Auto Intima Media Thickness (IMT) Measurement
    • Live Panoramic Imaging option
    • Internal Hard Drive 320GB+
    • Two probe ports 
    • Three probe holders
    • ECG module
    • Anatomical and Color M-Mode
    • Auto-Optimization
    • Stress Echo