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MicroMaxx Sonosite Refurbished
MicroMaxx Sonosite Refurbished
MicroMaxx Sonosite Refurbished

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MicroMaxx Sonosite Refurbished

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The SonoSite MicroMaxx offers big machine performance in a hand-carried unit.


  • MicroMaxx Goes Anywhere You Need It – From busy offices and big-city hospitals to critical care situations, this easily-carried device gets medical professionals into-and out of-tight spaces fast.
  • Embedded Software Means Solid Reliability
  • Chip Fusion Technology – Enables advanced, cart-based image resolution in a hand-carried unit by integrating digital signal processing and multiple ultrasound functions into a custom ASIC microchip to deliver unprecedented performance without the size, weight, and cost of conventional systems.
  • Clinical Utility – The MicroMaxx system comes with a wide range of ultrasound probes for multiple clinical applications.
  • SonoCalc IMT – which is proprietary edge-detection software that enables clinicians and cardiology specialists to quickly and easily measure intima-media thickness of the carotid artery for assessment of arterial wall disease progression and cardiovascular risk.
  • Durability – SonoSite products and technology deliver proven reliability and durability in conventional medical settings, as well as some far more challenging environments, such as supporting rescue operations following natural disasters.
  • From “Off” to Scanning in Just Seconds – The MicroMaxx system boots up within 15 seconds.

    Uses-Specific Calculations

    • OB/GYN/Fertility: Diameter/ellipse measurements, volume, six follicle measurements, estimated fetal weight, established due date, gestational age, last menstrual period, growth charts, user-defined tables, multiple user selectable authors, ratios, amniotic fluid index, patient report.
    • Vascular: Diameter/ellipse/trace measurements, volume, volume flow, percent diameter and area reduction, Lt/Rt CCA, ICA, ECA, ICA/CCA ratio, time average mean (TAM), peak trace, ICA/CCA ratio, angle correction, patient report
    • IMT (Intima-Media Thickness): SonoCalc IMT Software – automatic edge detection with mean and maximum thickness reporting
    • Cardiac: Complete cardiac calculations package and patient report including: Ventricular, aortic, and atrial measurements; ejection fraction, volume measurements, Simpson’s rule, continuity equation, pressure half-time, and cardiac output 

    Imaging Modes and Processing

    • 2D/velocity color Doppler/ color power Doppler/ M-mode/ PW ad CW Doppler Dual imaging
    • M-mode/Duplex Imaging
    • 3 sweep speeds
    • 1/2:1/2, 1/3:2/3 and full-screen options 2X Pan/Zoom
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
    • Broadband, multi-frequency imaging 1-8 focal zones
    • Imaging processing: Compression, contrast enhancement, persistence, dynamic range, and gain

    Types of Probes

    • Broadband and Multi-frequency: Linear Array, Curved Array, Phased Array, Multiplane TEE, and Micro-Convex
    • Single Frequency: Cardiac Static Pencil

    User Interface and Remappable Controls

    • Softkeys to drive advanced features
    • Delta key: user-assigned functions or increased ease of use
    • Alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard
    • Track pad with select key for easy operation and navigation
    • Doppler/M-mode controls: angle, steer, scales, baseline, gain and volume
    • Image acquisition keys: review, report, VCR, clip, store, save

    Onboard Image and Clip Storage/Review

    • Store up to 10,000 images with a 1 Gb CompactFlash card
    • Cine: review up to 220 frame-by-frame images
    • Store up to 700 clips with a 4 Gb CompactFlash card


    • Weight: 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)
    • Dimensions: 11.8” L x 10.8” W x 3.1” H (30.2 cm L x 27.7 cm W x 8.0 cm H)
    • Display: 10.4” (26.4 cm) diagonal LCD (NTSC or PAL)
    • Architecture: All-digital broadband
    • Number of channels: 128 channels
    • Dynamic range: Up to 165 dB
    • Gray scale: 256 shades
    • HIPAA compliance: Comprehensive tool set

    DICOM Image Management (TCP/IP)

    • Print and Store
    • Modality Work List
    • SonoRoam True Mobility wireless image transfer, 802.11b

    PC Workstation Image Management (TCP/IP, USB, or Flashcard reader)

    • SiteLink Image Manager – allows transfer, archiving, viewing and printing of high-resolution bitmap images, and batch compression to JPEG on PCs

      Power Supply

      • System operates via battery or AC power
      • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
      • AC: universal power adapter, 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz input, 15 VDC output

      H-Universal Stand and Accessories

      • Storage for fully integrated printer, VCR and/or DVD
      • Transducer holder and storage
      • Optional Triple Transducer Connect allows the user to quickly activate transducers electronically
      • Optional 15” (38 cm) (diagonal) DVI monitor
      • Optional B/W Sony printer
      • Optional color Sony Printer

      External Storage Devices

      • Medical-grade VCR or DVD

      ECG Module

      • 3 lead ECG – works with standard ECG leads and electrodes


      • SonoSite L38e – 10-15MHz, Linear
      • SonoSite HFL38 – 13-6 MHz, Linear
      • SonoSite L25e – 13-6MHz, Linear
      • SonoSite SLA – 13-6MHz, Linear
      • SonoSite SLT – 10-5MHz, Linear
      • SonoSite C8 – 8-5MHz, Linear
      • SonoSite C11e – 8-5MHz, Convex
      • SonoSite C60e – 5-2 MHz, Convex
      • SonoSite ICTe – 18-5MHz, Convex
      • SonoSite P17 – 5-1MHz, Phased Array
      • SonoSite P10 – 8-4MHz, Phased Array
      • SonoSite D2 – 2.0MHz, Pencil
      • SonoSite TEE – 8-3MHz, Multiplane TEE

      External Video and Audio (connectivity requires minidock)

      • S-video (in/out) to VCR or DVD for record and playback
      • RGB or DVI output to external LCD display
      • Composite video output (NTSC/PAL) to VCR, video printer or external LCD display
      • Audio output
      • Integrated speakers