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Esaote Mylab One

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Esaote Mylab One

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The Esaote MyLab® One offers superior image quality. This system is light weight with probe up to 22.00MHZ.  It is a new type of ultrasound system.  Developed as an arm-held solution, the MyLabOne is wearable and allows the user into virtually any environment to provide easy, fast and reliable diagnosis.  Designed with the highest standard of ergonomics. 

For general imaging as well as specific applications, including Regional Anesthesia, Emergency, MSK, Vascular, Radiology, Rheumatology and Interventional ultrasound. It is extremely portable.  The MyLabOne travels just about anywhere, even in more critical work conditions such as emergency situations, where time and reliability of diagnosis are of paramount importance.  Some features of the MyLab One are listed below.

  • 12" screen
  • Dedicated on-board tutorial for Nerve Block and Vascular Access training and education
  • Complete multi-frequency probes, ranging from 1 to 22 MHz
  • User-programmable buttons integrated into a lightweight Linear probe (customizable)
  • PW Doppler with Doppler tracing
  • TEI™ - Tissue Enhancement Imaging
  • XView - eXtreme View with real-time adaptive algorithm
  • Dedicated intelligent and easy interface/setting
  • Portrait-landscape auto-orientation, controls on the handle, belt and wrist locker
  • User-oriented workflow: easy, fast and reliable access to diagnosis
  • Customizable clinical protocols
  • Fast start-up time, integrated battery with extended life, battery recharge, additional battery package
  • Probe cable guide, dedicated sterile probe holder
  • Multiple available configurations: arm-held, roll stand, articulated arm attachment (VESA), desk stand/docking station
  • Height-adjustable, roll stand, articulated arm positioning, foot switch
  • Extra working space with multi-direction articulated movement in roll stand configuration
  • Wireless networking for easy data sharing, storage and printing
  • Remote archive, review, report, back-up
  • Ip-to-date connectivity and data management solutions (wireless, LAN, integrated database)
  • Windows® and DICOM compatibility
  • MyLab®Desk software package for image management solution